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Lease Copier | Best Printer For Small Business

We have been known for saving our customers over 30% on equipment and service for all their office equipment vs. other companies!

Lease Copier | Best Printer For Small Business

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any small business is a copier. But many small businesses don’t have the space or budget for some copiers. Luckily, there are plenty of models available. Whether you need a small copy machine or full size copier one that fits in a small office, you’re in luck.

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Lease Your Copier Today!

JR Copier leases both new and refurbished machines. We will compare your best solution to both your budget and needs. If a new machine will not fit your needs, we can offer a cost saving option with a refurbished machine. We have the leading edge over our competitors in acquiring barely used multi-functional copiers. We pick the very best from a large inventory of “off lease/lease return” Kyocera, Xerox, Ricoh and Sharp copiers. Therefore, we are able to offer you the latest technology at a great deal of savings.

Learn How To Lower Your Cost

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  2. Lease vs Buy Copier Calculator
  3. Copier Contract Pricing

All equipment is rebuilt from top to bottom, with all updates and service modifications installed to provide better-than-new performance in the toughest and most demanding office environment. With a current refurbished model, not only are the accessories included but all of the latest software is already installed. This ensures higher quality and greater reliability right from the start, saving you time and thousands of dollars.

We offer easy, flexible, competitive financing and several simple leasing options. Pair this with an optional all-inclusive maintenance agreement and you can’t go wrong!

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Copier Lease FAQ

  • What does it cost to lease a copier?
  • Is it better to lease or buy a copier?
  • What is the best copier for a small business?
  • How do printer leases work?

Is it better to lease or buy a copier?

Along with things such as a personal computer and office furniture, a photocopier is the staple of any office and is overall an incredibly important piece of equipment.
The costs associated with buying or leasing a copier however, can be very high – so maybe it’s time you looked at leasing one.

Out of all the office equipment that many cram into their workspaces, a photocopier can often be an essential piece of equipment that’s overlooked, or often not purchased because of costs – especially if you’re a startup or a small-sized business. Leasing, however, offers small businesses and start-ups a cost-efficient way of having a photocopier without the large initial outlay or investment. Cashflow is always a very important factor when you’re just starting out or if you’re in your initial growth stages as a business, leasing equipment nowadays is the best way to keep costs down.

With this in mind, let’s look at all the benefits that come with leasing a photocopier.

It’s easy on budgets - What does it cost to lease a copier?

The cost to lease a copier ranges from $59 to $900 per month, it all depends on the type of copy machine you need.

When leasing a photocopier you’re going to benefit from making small monthly fixed payments rather than finding a lump sum to pay up front and as mentioned in the intro, this is by and large the biggest reason why people opt to lease rather than buy. It may also be that your copier usage is limited, so much so that you simply would see the outlay for a copier to be a waste of money – leasing takes this aspect away from the argument. Leasing allows you to effectively manage budgets so that you can focus and invest in other areas of the business where capital is really needed.

As an aside to the above, it’s also worth pointing out that you have a lot more autonomy when you lease a copier in that you control how much you pay based on usage etc – it would be impossible to be flexible here if you’ve already purchased a copier outright. Picture this, you’ve purchased a copier, spent a lot of capital, yet it sits gathering dust.. I think you’d agree with me that this can be seen as a poor investment – leasing ensures that this does not happen.

A lease agreement gives you immediate access to the photocopier that you want and still enabling you to make the payments that are affordable to you and your business – if you think about it, it really does make sense.

Move with technology, don’t get left behind
Technology is evolving – and it’s evolving fast. The usage of technology tends to decline over a period of time as much newer and efficient models hit the market and this is where leasing really does come into its own. When leasing a copier, you can benefit from having the newer models installed as and when they’re released so that they’re continually evolving as your business evolves meaning that you don’t get left behind with the dinosaur tech that would make anyone shudder.

Owning a copier means that you will have to make a large re-investment to upgrade your tech and this can mean large overheads ahead and who on earth wants that? Lease, grab yourself a deal with a copier that suits your usage requirements and upgrade on the fly to newer models – surely a win-win, no?

It’s good for tax
Okay, so here’s the nitty gritty and another, in my opinion, enormous benefit to leasing a copier instead of buying and that’s the tax aspect. When you purchase equipment outright it’s normally not possible to deduct the entire amount as a business expense. However, when you lease a photocopier, every payment that you make from your business is considered a pre-tax business expense, which means in simple terms you can deduct the entire payment every single time you make a payment. This means that not only does leasing do a terrific job of conserving cash flow, but it can actually save your business a few quid too – how good is that?

Last word
When all is said and done, unless you’re going to use a copier extensively and need a dedicated one at the heart of your business, leasing is certainly the way to go. If you’re unsure of where to start, I recommend checking out Photocopier leasing from JR copier as a good start. Happy copying!

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What does it cost to lease a copier?

Between $59 to $900 per month all depends on your requirements.

What is the best copier for a small business?

There are many good copy machines now a days, it is all based on your copier needs, buying a refurbished copier can be a very smart move for a business that is looking to save money, that needs all the features available.

Is it better to lease or buy a copier?

Leasing a copier is beneficial due to the low monthly payments and the tax advantages.

How do printer leases work?

Is basically very simple, fill out a copier or printer credit application, get approved and schedule delivery.

Lease Copier With JR Copier

"A lease agreement gives you immediate access to the photocopier that you want and still enabling you to make the payments that are affordable to you and your business – if you think about it, it really does make sense."


Lease Copier

Consider the level of output you need before evaluating digital copier printing speed on a machine for your business.

We can provide the proven equipment, off-site printing and on-site support you need to produce your documents in the most professional and efficient way possible.

We offer:
A world-class portfolio of copiers, printers, multifunction devices and production equipment
Variable copier and printer leasing times — from a week up to two years
A team of specialists to help with planning, installation, configuration and operation

Leasing or purchasing a copier can be affordable if you know what you're doing

Your hardware (what model of copier you choose) is very important to consider. Ensuring that your copier will be able to keep up with the demand you place on it is as important a consideration as the overall price.

A combination of copier model upgrades and/or additional units can be the solution to a volume problem. Convenience often factors into the equation here, but finding an appropriate balance will best serve the needs of your budget.

Lease Copier



100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

At JR Copier we believe in delivering the best office equipment you can get, and we offer replacement warranty on all copiers & laser printers we sell or lease.

Here is the fine print!

Equipment needs to be installed and service by us.

Supplies (toners, drum units and fusers) most be OEM or purchased thru JR Copier.

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